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Yacht Deliveries Worldwide


The delivery process begins with requesting a quote on the "CONTACT" page of our site <here>. Therafter, you will recieve an estimated cost for your delivery, including wages and expenses (diesel, provisions, travel).

Along with this estimate will come a list of required equipment that must be found onboard for the intended voyage. An example list provided for a transatlantic delivery can be reviewed <here> This list primarily consists of safety equipment deemed necessary for the scope of the trip, which for an offshore trip includes an Offshore Liferaft, 406 Mhz EPIRB, SOLAS flare kit and USCG/MCA approved MOB gear. If you do not have all of this equipment onboard it will need to be purchased or rented by the vessel or OYD prior to the boat leaving the dock. After accessing these required equipment costs, we can provide you with a second, more accurate estimate.

If that estimate is approved, we can email or fax you a delivery contract.

An insurance policy will be provided by the Owner, with the Captain and Crew included as additionally insured parties to cover possible liabilities including, but not limited to, damages to the vessel and all expenses related to injuries and/or sickness to the Captain and/or Crew. Coverage shall also include public liability and property damage.

In order to begin preparations for the delivery (crewing, booking flights / car rental, vessel prep), we require a 50% deposit on the total estimated cost of the delivery. After sucessful completion of the delivery, we will submit a final invoice along with reciepts totaling the exact total of all expenses. This total will reflect the exact expense cost of the delivery plus the wages of the captain ($250 per day) and mate if required ($150 per day). Every effort is made to minimize expense cost, and frequently our invoiced total falls well below our initial estimated total.