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Yacht Deliveries Worldwide


OUR PROMISE: To deliver your yacht in a professional and timely manner, in the same or better condition than it left the dock in.

Offshore Yacht Deliveries specializes in delivering yachts worldwide, over the water, sail or power up to 200tons.

All deliveries are captained by USCG licensed captains meeting the requirements of your vessels insurer.

Throughout the delivery process, we believe in communicating as often as practical to ensure your peace of mind. If desired, we can give daily position
updates and progress reports using an Iridium satellite phone, as well as provide you with the number should you need to reach us onboard.

Mates and crew onboard are required to abide with the rules and regulations set forth by the OYD contract, including absolutely no drugs or alcohol aboard ship at any time. Owners / brokers will be provided with the yachting resume / CV of every crewmember onboard to provide to the vessels insurer. Mates and crew are carefully selected by OYD to fit the vessel type and voyage scope.

OYD has recieved requests for assisted passagemaking – where you would lke an experienced mate or captain for a delivery or personal trip aboard your vessel. Often we can dramatically improve your proficiency in a short period of time on trips like these. On offshore deliveries we will cover everything from pre-vessel inspections, to safety briefing, to navigation, to the actual operation of the vessel.