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Putting a yacht into idle storage requires a number of special cosiderations, especially in a climate where there is a threat of freezing temperatures. Properly winterizing a yacht requires giving attention to the engine and plumbing systems. OYD can prepare these essential systems for long term storage and below freezing temperatures, protecting the future of your investment.

Our full reccomended winterization service includes

  • Changing Engine Oil
  • Changing Transmission Oil
  • Changing antifreeze on freshwater-cooled engines OR draining block and exaust on raw water cooled engines.
  • Removing and greasing pump impellers
  • Washing valves on any vented loops in warm water to clean out salt crystals
  • Inspecting raw water cooled exaust systems for corrosion, carbon buildup or obstruction
  • Checking fuel filters and fuel tank for water and sediment
  • Filling fuel tank to prevent condensation
  • Squirting oil into the inlet manifold then turning over engine a few times w/o starting to spread oil on cylinder walls
  • Greasing all grease points
  • Sealing all openings into the engine
  • Removing all inner wires on engine control cables, then cleaning and replacing them as necessary
  • Inspecting all flexible feet and coupling for signs of softening
  • Inspecting all hoses for signs of softning cracking or bulging
  • Inspecting all hose clamps for signs of corrosion
  • Removing the inlet and exaust ducting from any turbocharger to clean and inspect
  • Making sure that batteries are fully charged
  • Lightly spraying the alternator and starter motor with a mousture dispersant/lubricant
  • Loosening all belts
  • Flushing plumbing system completely and completely drying water tanks
  • Lubing sea cocks

OYD also does recomissioning when it comes time to put the yacht back in the water. We reccomend that you have OYD recomission your yacht if we did the winterization, for consistency in processes. Recomissioning takes much less time than winterization.